cygnet+grace believes

every woman should feel and be empowered to seek love, hope, and healing for herself.  With each handmade piece that she creates or she receives, I pray that she is reminded of the strength, grace, and dignity she carries within herself each day.

There are women who have been exposed to unhealthy relationships, exploitation, and other experiences that infringes or completely removes their freedoms.  These women will enter organizations, such as these listed below, searching for love, hope, & healing.

by partnering with            Cygnet Stitchery & Design

and through the purchasing power of a boutique, Cygnet + Grace is able to support these courageous woman artisans by putting money back into the non-profit and/or social enterprise programs that focuses solely on promoting the woman's well-being.  Each program provides a combination of life/work skills, fair wages, safe work environments, free mental/physical healthcare, and/or housing so the women can focus on regaining their strength and dignity. If you'd like to learn more about the individual organizations, just click on the links provided above. 

Each accessory on this website is handmade by these women through the help of these organizations.  Therefore, each piece shares a story of Love, Hope, & Healing.

continue the circle

of love, hope, & healing by simply writing a quick note to a woman survivor.

write love. give hope

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