Write Love. Give Hope.

Cygnet+Grace Boutique puts notes of encouragement in each Hope & Healing makeup bag that is donated, by Cygnet Stitchery, to the non-profit  Safe Connections.  But, what I would LOVE is to have YOU send in notes of love and inspiration to these women who are in recovery.  

This campaign of love is FREE for you- no purchase necessary!  All you have to do is write a note, put a postage stamp on it, and send it to Cygnet's PO BOX.  I will then put your handwritten note in the next outgoing donated makeup bag(s).  OR, if I get enough (which would be ideal!) I will start sending packages of notes to various non-profit organizations who provide safe havens for women who are seeking hope & healing.   

Please follow these guidelines: 

  • Use a 3x5 card or a "thinking of you" note card
  • Write only up to 4 sentences. Don’t get lengthy.
  • You may write and send more than 1 card (in fact, we encourage you to write several! That way we have plenty to send out as often as we need)
  • Please hand write legibly- these ladies need to know they are worth someone’s time!
  • Sign your first name or initials ONLY 
  • DO NOT give any personal information
  • DO NOT make any suggestions about their situation, past, present, or future.
Here are a few positive topics to write about (a few example pictures are below): 

    • They are loved
    • They are worthy of love
    • They are strong
    • They are brave
    • They can overcome

    PLEASE NOTE: Cygnet+Grace has the right to inspect your notes.  Cygnet will not send notes that may hinder the process of hope and healing for these women.

    Send notes to: 

    Cygnet+Grace Boutique                         

    c/o Elana Power                                         

    PO BOX 681306

    Prattville, AL 36068


    CLICK HERE to find out more about who these donations go to.