the stitchery

Cygnet Stitchery was created out of the belief that every woman should feel and be empowered to seek love, hope, and healing for herself.  With each handmade piece that I make and she receives, I pray that she is reminded of the strength, grace, and dignity she carries within herself each day. 


Hello Love,

Thank you for visiting!  I want to tell you a quick story of how Cygnet Stitchery and subsequently, Cygnet + Grace Boutique came to be:

A cygnet is a young swan. It embodies everything that is ugly and beautiful at the same time. As a swan goes through the hard lessons of life, it learns how to persevere through the "ugly duckling" stage eventually achieving elegance and grace as it develops into a mature swan.

As humans we are always being tested; in a sense, constantly going through that “ugly duckling” phase.  I personally have been through a bout of anxiety and depression.  The experience has been one of my “ugly duckling” phases of life that have truly tested my perseverance and my faith. But, because of God’s grace, through the help of family, friends, and community, I have developed a resilience and strength I have never known before.  Because of this Cygnet Stitchery & Design was born.

With Cygnet Stitchery I hand-make all the handbags you see here on the website.  Cygnet Stitchery donates a portion of its proceeds to the non-profit Safe Connections** in the form of a clutch or makeup bag filled with goodies, mostly products that are also handmade by other women, in hopes of promoting the healing of the recipient.  

Soon after creating, selling, and donating my handbags, I saw the need for an online boutique presence whose sole purpose was to promote the circle of LOVE through the process, HOPE after the pain, and HEALING through community and self-care.  Cygnet + Grace Boutique was developed to support the women who are finding love, hope, & healing through non-profit and/or social enterprise organizations who provide fair-wages, safe working environments, housing, and mental/physical healthcare.  Click here to see the list of organizations I support.  

I hope you find inspiration, love, hope, and healing today.  Thank you for visiting! 


elana power

owner/creator of Cygnet Stitchery and Cygnet + Grace Boutique

PS. I'd love to hear from you! I want to serve this beautiful community of fearless women as best I can. So, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, feedback, ideas, etc. 
**Safe Connections, located in St. Louis, MO (my hometown!), provides free care and support to women, men, and those identifying as LGBTQ+ as they navigate through the healing process after experiencing sexual and/or domestic violence.