Not sure how this is going to go? Me neither.

I've been wanting to start a blog or journal of sorts for a while, but I cannot tell you how many times I have started this first blog post and

1) I have gotten distracted by my annoyingly adorable dog, Charlie, dragging his nails as painstakingly slow on the glass in order to be let back into the house (I should just buy him a chalk board, it’d probably be easier on the ears);  or

2) I hear my stomach growl and realize I hadn’t eaten in what seemed like ages- only an hour prior- and leave the table to scarf down the grimiest, most fattening food I can find in my pantry (Ooh!  Is that a smashed m&m on the floor with the last vestiges of my cat’s hairballl? *fist pump* yes!)  and, yet again, I forget those most powerful, inspiring, and illustrious thoughts the world would ever hear and have to start all over again;

3) or decided mid-sentence that I need a candle lit and a good cup of coffee next to me (for some reason I seem to think that ambiance is the prelude to excellent writing).  After retrieving those two necessities, I forget what I was writing and have to start over again;

4) I've rambled down rabbit trails about how many times I have tried to start writing, using too many descriptive words, commas, parentheses, and run-on sentences that would leave more of a bad impression on the window than my dog’s nails.  And, still, with all that wordiness, have not started a decent post. 

5) And, last, but not least, one more distraction goes to: my husband who has entered the room and started jawing on about some nonsense he was learning about in war theory class.   But, honestly, he just really wanted to be on my list,  so here he is at number 5.  Take it for what you will ;) 

I have been fairly competent, so I think, and frequent, with posting on Instagram and Facebook about my products, sales, and various daily life activities, but I wanted to have a blog to not only keep it all documented but to expound on anything that I feel needs a necessary boost (which is my ego of course!).  What this actually means is that I am adding one more thing to my already overflowing plate and most likely will not be able to keep up with this type of time-consuming balderdash. But, you can never say I didn’t try!  

So, here begins my blog as Elana Power for Cygnet Stitchery & Design. We are going to laugh together, cry together, shop together, heal the world together, and sew together.  And you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. 

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  • Jessica H

    Ready to go on this journey with you! That is, when I don’t veer off and get distracted by kid #1, kid #2, kid #3, kid #4, husband, or a cheeseburger…with French fries.

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