New Vendor Spotlight

I am so excited to introduce you to my new line of stunning hand-loomed scarves from Freeset USA!

But, before I let you go ga-ga over their luxurious texture and euphoric shades, I want to give a bit of insight into who weaves these impeccable scarves and why Cygnet has chosen to support them.


Freeset USA:

Freeset USA is a Fair Trade non-profit in business for freedom from oppression, poverty, & ignorance. Their mission is to bring freedom to communities in West Bengal, India and beyond through employment & education.


Freeset USA believes every person should have the freedom to work in a safe environment, get paid fair wages, and have a job they're proud of. That's why they’re distributors and financial supporters of Freeset in India. Freeset India exists to offer employment to people who've been marginalized by society. Freeset India has strategically placed their facilities in communities written off by society because they believe these communities deserve to live a life of freedom.


To learn more about Freeset USA and Freeset Global, click here


Each scarf is meticulously planned out from the design,

  to the shading, and through the hand-dyeing process.


Each scarf is then uniquely hand-loomed in West Bengal, India. Each finished piece represents freedom of the hands that weave it.  And, just like every other accessory sold here on Cygnet, the purchase of these scarves directly impacts the lives of the people who made it.  

Shopping for all your accessories at Cygnet just got better!

With over 4 styles, 5+ colors to choose from and all perfectly priced under $40, you are sure to find one that you love!  

Check out Cygnet's inventory here



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