Product Care

If you've landed on this page, it's probably because you need to know how to wash your new beautiful handbag, clutch, wallet, and so on.  Never fear!   I've left you a few guidelines to help you care for each piece of lovely fabric-clad design.


Any product that is made of all FABRIC- wash on gentle cycle in cold water, do not bleach.  Lay flat to dry, iron if necessary.  This does NOT include 

  • leather
  • vinyl
  • waxed canvas
  • laminate

Any product that is made of both FABRIC & LEATHER/VINYL/WAXED CANVAS- spot clean on fabric, careful not to drench the leather/vinyl when spot cleaning around it.  Air dry.  DO NOT USE a hairdryer to spot dry.  Any direct heat to leather, vinyl, and waxed canvas will either melt (waxed canvas) or warp the product.

LEATHER & VINYL- wipe with slightly damp lint-free cloth.  Do not immerse in water, do not drench.  Water & direct heat warp leather & vinyl.

WAXED CANVAS- The best way to clean this is to lint roll it.  Yup!  I said lint roll!  Easy peasy.  You may try to spot clean it, BUT, the wax does not allow for much water/moisture to get through.  The wax is a great barrier for stains :)  


I hope these tips help you keep your handcrafted handbag in tip-top shape!